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Elite Queens is the digital marketplace of the artists and entertainers represented by Neverland Fulfillment Services, part of Neverland Events & Artist Management. Download our free "Elite Queens" app on the Apple App Store or Android App Store today!

Background on Neverland Fulfillment Services: Neverland Fulfillment Services was launched in 2017 by Neverland founder Anthony DiFiore as an e-commerce solution for the top drag queens in the industry. After substantial investment in creating the most efficient fulfillment system in the entire industry (we have a cutting-edge e-commerce app, local fulfillment in multiple continents, an extensive network of suppliers and queer artists, and a razor sharp team that is quality-driven and data-driven) we began offering this service to queens on an invite-only basis. For our clients we design and build their website, develop and manufacture all of their products & merchandise, and manage every aspect of their e-commerce business. Clients of Neverland have access to all of our sales channels, including the U.S. and international portals of Elite Queens, and the Elite Queens app.

Background on Neverland Events & Artist Management: Neverland began as a series of wild, eclectic dance parties in Chicago in the summer of 2012. Many queens who would years later get on RuPaul's Drag Race first came into the scene as regular hosts or performers of Neverland, like Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Pearl, Trixie Mattel, and Gia Gunn. As popularity of Drag Race expanded and more Neverland queens joined its alumni, Neverland founder Anthony DiFiore created its artist management division, with a focus beyond just bookings to full brand development and innovative e-commerce. Neverland became the exclusive agency of Sasha Velour, Kim Chi, Pearl, Shea Coulee, and Naomi Smalls. We offer the most comprehensive client benefits of any company in the industry, and maintain a small, elite roster where everyone is treated like family.

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