"Life's Not Fair" Long-Sleeve Shirt by Naomi Smalls

(Spring/Summer '19)

"Life's Not Fair", the newest long-sleeve fashion tee from Naomi Smalls, is like a piece of finely-constructed cotton poetry woven with the incantation don't hate the player, hate the game. Fashion is about choices, and so is being in the top two in an All Stars episode. That's why this shirt is the perfect embodiment of both. When you send a bitch home, you wear black for their funeral. But when you slay a runway, you wear the color of the money. Choices.

Color: Black

Material: 100% cotton.

Size Chart: 

  • Small: 18.5" width x 26.5" length
  • Medium: 19.5" width x 27.5" length
  • Large: 21" width x 28.5" length
  • X-Large: 22" width x 29.5" length
  • 2XL: 23" width x 30.5" length

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